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Which Security Bollard Installation Is Right For Your Property

Thursday, October 31st, 2019
A row of concrete security bollards.

Security bollards such as these are fixed and permanent, just one of several types of bollards you can install on your property.

Security bollards are functional, sometimes decorative, posts that enhance perimeter safety on your property. Bollards can be used to calm traffic, create visual perimeters, protect assets, and more. Security bollards also come in a variety of styles, from stainless steel to cast iron, to custom designs. Security bollards also have variable installation methods. Depending on your type of property and the kind of security measures you are looking for, you may want to decide on a specific security bollard installation method. Hercules High Security recommends reading our guide below on bollard installation to determine which method is best for your property.  (more…)

Your Anti-Climb Fence Design Options

Thursday, October 24th, 2019
Razor wire anti-climb fence

Razor wire is one anti-climb fence tool that will help prevent trespassers from gaining access to your property.

Anti-climb fences are one of the most secure fencing options. Besides looking intimidating to potential trespassers, anti-climb fences provide physical barries to entry if any person attempts to gain access over the fence. However, not every anti-climb fence is suitable for every property. Read on to discover the various designs available for anti-climb fences, and learn which elements are best for your high-security anti-climb fence.  (more…)

6 Chain Link Fence Maintenance Tips

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019
A chain link fence free of rust

Chain link fences require regular maintenance in order to remain secure.

Chain link fences are one of the most reliable security fence options on the market. However, every fence needs maintenance to remain durable and effective. Chain link fences require specific care because of their unique style and materials. Before you start maintenance on your chain link fence, remember these helpful tips.  (more…)

The Benefits of Having a Round Guard Booth

Thursday, October 10th, 2019
A square security guard booth

A square guard booth can take up extra space on your facility. Try round, narrow booths for more flexibility and visibility.

Many high-security gates and entrances require security personnel to be onsite. The security personnel verifies the credentials of people trying to enter or exit, troubleshoot problems, or notify other staff when trouble occurs. For the guard’s comfort and safety, a guard booth is often required to house them while on duty. You can install a guard booth in a round or square shape. Read below to discover how opting for a round guard booth can offer you flexible security options for your protected facility.  (more…)

The Best High-Security Perimeter Options

Friday, October 4th, 2019
A wire fence with barbed wire on top

Anti-climb fencing is one high-security perimeter option provided by Hercules Fence.

When it comes to prioritizing perimeter security, fencing and gates are crucial elements of your property’s safety and security systems. Proper perimeter security can provide you with serious peace of mind while keeping your commercial or residential property safe. Perimeter security can take many forms, including access control gates, monitoring, security patrol, bollards, and more. When choosing your fencing or other elements of your high-security system, it’s important to be informed about the options available to you. Here are some of the best perimeter security options out there for your commercial or residential property.  (more…)