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Businesses That Need High Security Fencing

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020
Business That Need High Security Fencing

These are several of the businesses that need high security fencing. Is yours one of them?

High security fencing is intended to be noteworthy and more than a little visually intimidating. You want potential criminals to see it and think twice. For some businesses, however, it is over-the-top and clashes with their brand and business model. They don’t want to look like a prison, and they don’t need to. There are some commercial businesses, though, that do need the benefits of high security fencing. These businesses often house high-value items that make them a target for theft, and the strength of high security fencing protects those valuables.


Businesses and Security Fencing

Thursday, December 17th, 2020
Businesses and Security Fencing

Why have a security fence for your business? Here’s what to know.

When it comes to protecting your business, security fencing could turn out to be the best decision you make. Increasing property security with a fence is a great way to stop trespassers from gaining access to your business and other vital information within the building itself. The decision to add more heightened security to your business with security fencing could be a great option for many business owners looking to implement many different security options for their business. Here are some key facts to know when it comes to security fencing and your business. 


Why Your Property Can Benefit From a Crash-Rated Cable Fence

Friday, December 11th, 2020
Why Your Property Can Benefit From a Crash-Rated Cable Fence

Crash-rated cable fences are worth your consideration. Contact Hercules High Security for more information.

If you own or manage a high-security facility or company, you will need a fence that provides you with a higher-than-average level of protection. These fences are not only crucial for keeping out potential intruders and unauthorized guests, but with crash-rated fences, you protect your property from physical damage as well. While a crash-rated cable fence will require a larger initial investment in your fence, it is well worth the cost as it provides incomparable levels of security. The primary benefits of installing a crash-rated cable fence are outlined below. 


How to Increase the Security of Chain Link Fencing

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020
increase the security of your chain link fence

You can increase the security of your chain link fencing by using thick fence material.

Chain link fencing is one of the most common types of fencing for properties that require increased security. While chain link fencing is cost-effective, durable, and quick to install and maintain, there are a few actions you can take to optimize the security of this fence style. Chain link fencing can be customized in the following several ways to guarantee that your property benefits from reliable security fencing (more…)