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Crash-Rated Gates and Bollards: Common Structures and Applications for High-Security Barriers

Friday, January 28th, 2022
hercules high security bollards high-security barriers
Bollards are one of a few essential high-security barriers for your property.

There is no denying the crazy world that we all live in. In fact, with many recent acts of violence and a lot of civil unrest, protecting property becomes increasingly important. The reality is, having the right security measures in place typically comes with the addition of fence installations as well as adding crash-rated gates and bollards for even more extra security. Ultimately, many acts of violence can occur with the use of a vehicle — which is exactly why crash-rated gates and bollards become significantly more important than other types of high-security fences. Here are a few key things to understand about the different crash-rated gates and bollards out there to improve your security measures and properly protect any commercial business and property for many years to come.


The Benefits of Turnstile Security

Monday, January 17th, 2022
hercules high security turnstile security
Turnstile security can be another valuable layer of facility security.

Whether big or small, any type of business can benefit from installing turnstile security in their facilities. In fact, just like mobile phone and computer security, adding modern turnstile security features can enhance the overall safety and security of your business in general. The reality is, hiring a personal security guard can be quite expensive — but a turnstile security feature can improve your security measures and really make the most out of your facility. Ultimately, turnstile security elements are great when it comes to providing an effective and efficient security measure in place to enhance and protect your business overall. Here are just some of the key perks associated with installing turnstile security gates within your business.


Should You Install Removable or Permanent Bollards?

Friday, January 14th, 2022
hercules high security removable or permanent bollards
Discover whether removable or permanent bollards are best for your property.

Protecting your business from danger is your number one priority, and to this purpose, even the type of bollard you choose can help tip the balance in your favor. Depending on your needs, different materials and diameters might suit you better for effective protection from vehicles and accidents. Permanent bollards offer a lasting defense, while removable bollards include a mechanism for easy installation.

Keep reading below to learn the three main factors to consider before you decide what type of bollards to install for your business or organization.


What to Consider Before Turnstile Installation

Friday, January 7th, 2022
hercules high security turnstile installation
Consider these factors before starting your turnstile installation.

Turnstiles are one of those barriers that we don’t stop much to think about, but that we encounter frequently. Why are they used so much? Turnstiles offer a simple way to add a security layer, make a more efficient use of staff, and control access. Read below to learn the five things to consider if you’re planning a turnstile installation.