4 Businesses That Can Benefit From Razor Wire Anti-Climb Fencing

razor wire anti-climb fencing

If you desire extra security, your business may benefit from razor wire anti-climb fencing.

Commercial fencing is an investment in the safety and security of your commercial property or business. There are many types and styles available, and one common choice to make a tall fence even more secure is an anti-climb feature. Razor wire anti-climb fencing is a smart choice for many businesses because it ensures that no one can scale your fence and break onto your property. If you operate one of these four businesses, you should strongly consider adding this fencing to your security plan.

Auto Garage

Your auto repair facility likely has highly specialized and expensive equipment. This doesn’t just have to mean your large equipment or diagnostic piece. Even a toolbox is likely stocked with many tools representing a valuable investment in your business. When you’re closed overnight or over the weekend, you need to know that all of those things are safe and secure. A tall chain-link fence with barbed wire or razor wire on the top will give you that peace.

Commercial Farm

Anti-climb measures aren’t just used to keep people out. On commercial farms, they are also used to control unpredictable animals, though this is usually barbed wire, not razor wire. A professional with experience in commercial farm fencing would be able to help you decide exactly what you need to keep animals and people on your farm safe.


If your business stores pharmaceuticals, so a pharmacy, doctor, or even a vet’s office, you are at risk of break-ins by people who want to steal those medicines to use or sell. You need security fencing to discourage this. At the same time, you don’t want security fencing that is so intimidating that it drives off customers. A professional can help you find the right fence to strike this balance.

Construction Yard

Razor wire anti-climb fencing is a common sight around construction yards because there is so much valuable equipment stored there. There are often valuable building materials stored at this type of business, making it a target for thieves. High-security fencing for construction yards often includes chain link with razor wire anti-climb extensions at both the top and the bottom for even more security.

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