No Entry: A Primer on Anti-Climb Fencing

Hercules Fence High Security Anti-Climb Fencing
Some fencing options are inherently anti-climb, while others require anti-climb add-ons to keep intruders from scaling it.

One of the most important jobs that your fence does is to protect your family, home, and property. Your sturdy, well-built, and well-maintained fence can safeguard your possessions, protect the interior of your yard from prying eyes, and restrain pets and kids so that they don’t wander off. In cases where you install a high-security residential fence, they can do even more. With a proper fence, you can also keep people from accessing your property and stealing or vandalizing things. This only works, however, if they can’t just climb the fence. Read on for our anti-climb fencing primer.

Factors That Make A Fence Climbable

For a fence to be climbable for the average person, there need to be foot and handholds, the top needs to be fairly simple to go over, and it needs to be not too tall. For a truly determined person, the height won’t actually matter, but in many cases, height alone is enough of a deterrent. When combined with other deterrents, it becomes actually anti-climb.

Remedies To Those Factors

One of the most common ways to make a fence anti-climb is to keep going up. There comes a point where even a scalable fence is not worth climbing because it will take to long (for the average person), and the risk of being seen becomes too great. There is also the added risk of falling from that height, which is its own deterrent. Some materials, like chain-link, don’t fall into that category, however, because they are relatively easy to scale, even when they are tall. In those cases, you need to add anti-climb measures. One of the most recognizable is the wire topper, an installation at the top of the fence of razor or barbed wire to make it difficult and painful to actually top the fence and go over. Other similar options that achieve the same purpose include electrical wire, rotating or stationary spikes, and a spinning bar at the top of the fence. If the goal is to keep people from going over the top, all of these can help. In fact, even if an intruder has a ladder, some of these options can still prevent climbing, like the electrical charge. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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