Security Add-Ons to Chain Link Fencing

Here’s a few security add ons to chain link fencing you should consider.

Chain link fencing can be a secure fence installation to protect commercial property and buildings from criminals and individuals without permitted access. When you’re going through the planning process to secure your commercial property line with chain link fencing, you’ll be able to take into consideration security add-ons to heighten your security level. Through this customization process, Hercules Security can consult with your company or an individual entity to discuss our scope of options available to you and protection levels that you may need. Here are a few security add-ons for chain link fencing that you should consider. 

Razzor Ribbon

Razzor ribbon is typically installed on chain link fencing that is 6 to 8 inches high. The razzor ribbon surrounds the top of the fence installation, in a spiral shape, with sharp blade edges that can cause bodily harm to humans and animals. Razzor ribbon can typically be found on prison or jail properties and discourages individuals from attempting to either gain access or escape from a property. Since razzor ribbon can cause bodily harm, it’s an excellent deterrent against individuals who are considering scaling a fence to gain access to a property.  

Steel Fittings

You can choose steel fittings along a chain-link fence for maximum security. Since steel fittings are heavy-duty, they are tougher than typical cast aluminum. They can also be welded into place for an even more secure fence installation. While prison and jail settings typically incorporate steel fittings into chain-link fences, they are a great option for any commercial property that needs a high security boost.   

Non Climb

To best secure your commercial property, you’ll want to make sure that your fence is non climb or anti-climb. This means installing your chain link fence over 7 feet tall, which makes it harder for an individual to scale due to the height. Since chain link fencing is also visible on both sides, you’ll be able to detect criminals or individuals who are prowling your property line and searching for ways to gain entry. If an individual attempts to climb your fence with all security add-ons installed, you’ll be able to quickly see them and call the appropriate authorities while they are mid-scale due to the height of the fence.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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