What is the Difference Between Anti-Climb and Non-Climb Fencing?

Hercules Fence High Security Anti-Climb Non-Climb Fencing
While you may be familiar with anti-climb fencing, you may not know about non-climb fencing and how it differs from anti-climb fencing.

Security fencing comes in so many different types and styles, there’s always a lot to think about if you plan to have security fencing installed. You need to determine what style of fence you’re looking for, what material is best for your needs, and whether you’re looking for crash-rated fencing and what rating will suit your needs. One of the decisions commercial properties need to consider is whether they should choose anti-climb or non-climb fencing for their property. In order to decide, you need to understand what the difference between these fencing types is.


The main purpose of an anti-climb fence is to be as secure as possible by making it virtually impossible for anyone to scale it and climb over to gain access to the property. To achieve this, anti-climb fences are designed to lack footholds, and they often utilize extra security measures such as razorwire or angled tops that are spike-shaped. Even if someone did manage to scale one of these fences, the extra security ensures that they won’t get away unscathed. Unfortunately, these fences are not known for their visual appeal. Their purpose is to be intimidating and to guarantee pain for anyone who attempts to climb over them.

Non-Climb Fencing

Non-climb fencing is a step down from anti-climb fencing. This is fencing that is designed without footholds, but it does not include spiked tops or razorwire, along with other extra security measures. While it is still difficult to scale, it is not as secure as anti-climb fencing since it lacks these extra security features. Non-climb fencing can be the better security fence option for businesses who want a little extra security without sacrificing the visual appeal of their property.

Which is Best?

The bottom line is that anti-climb fencing is the superior option if security is the most important factor. However, for properties that need some extra security without losing out on their visual appeal or looking overly intimidating, non-climb fencing might be the better option. Your specific circumstances will determine which choice is right for you and your commercial property.

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