Security Guard Booths: Who Needs Them?

Guard Booth

Security guard booths increase your perimeter, and allow guards to monitor foot and vehicular traffic closely.

A guard booth is a security measure put in place for high security monitoring of a perimeter, manned by a guard. The guards manning the booth are usually responsible for monitoring all incoming and outcoming traffic – sometimes checking identification and doing vehicle searches in order to deem someone approved to gain access to the property. The openings require a good amount of electrical equipment to operate the various access systems, and adequate shelter is required to keep those components and the guards safe.


Who Needs a Guard Booth?

A guard booth is an essential security measure for areas where sensitive work is done. You will see them at research labs, power plants, government bases, borders and other areas depending on the nature of their work. Data and entry being compromised at organizations like this can have life-changing results if someone with negative or violent intentions gains access. They are a great idea for any organization that wants their perimeter as secure as possible, and the sight of them alone can ward off a potential intruder from attempting entry.



Guard booths vary depending on your needs and cost allowance. For example, if you are in charge of a power plant or critical utility, a more high-tech booth will benefit you greatly in the long run. In this booth, you may want stronger communication capabilities, biohazard protection, bullet-resistant glass and reinforced gates. In addition to regulating vehicle and foot traffic, some guard booths can be customized to handle mail receipts. Implementing a mail-processing center outside of the main building is a great way to block materials that may be involved with bioterrorism.

These high security features can cost up to $8,0000 – while more basic guard booths can be found for between $5,000 and $10,000. Keep in mind to evaluate your security needs with a professional to ensure the most secure perimeter possible, not only at the guard booth but at any vulnerable entryways. At Hercules High Security, we offer a variety of guard booths that are lightweight and flexible, and can be expanded or downsized with ease. We will work with you to determine the best guard booth layout and design for your security and aesthetic needs.


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