Anti-Climb Fences vs. Non-Climb Fences

Chain Link Fences for high security enhancements

High security chain link fences are offered in both anti-climb and non climb designs. Anti-climb fences offer more security in comparison.

The high security fencing industry offers several functional, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing measures to enhance and secure the perimeter of any facility. As you are weighing your options, you may need some help distinguishing certain features from one another. Hercules High Security offers the following high security products: chain link fences (anti-climb fence, non-climb fence, high security fence), ornamental fences, crash rated fences (K4, K8, K12 – What Are K Ratings?), crash rated barriers, crash rated vehicle barriers, crash rated bollards, anti-terrorism cables, security integration, and security gates. We said there were a lot, didn’t we?

Today, Hercules High Security wants to help you understand the difference between chain link anti-climb fences and non-climb fences. Request an estimate for your high security fencing needs today.

Anti-Climb Fences

Anti-climb fences are designed to deter criminals from trying to climb over your fence and gain access to your facility. They feature a shape or design element at the top that make it virtually impossible for a person to climb over. In some cases, this is barbed wire or an angled section at the top. Anti-climb fences effectively keep people out of your facility or inside of it (ex: jail). They come in a series of functional and decorative options, and offer a great sense of security.

Non-Climb Fences

Like anti-climb fences, non-climb fences are designed to deter criminals from climbing over your fence and gaining unauthorized access to your facility. Non-climb fences are also great at deterring animals from scaling your fence. Unlike anti-climb fences, non-climb fences are not “virtually impossible” to climb over. A person or animal certainly wouldn’t be able to successfully climb over the fence with ease, but it would be easier in comparison to an anti-climb fence. Non-climb fences are still an effective high security measure, and come in a variety of styles.

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