Is Your Anti-Climb Fence Ready for Baseball Season?

Baseball Team Climbing Fence

Are you excited for baseball season?! Keep your players and fans safe inside your stadium and unwanted trespassers out with anti-climb fencing.

As the weather warms up, the importance of a functional anti-climb fence becomes more relevant for several facilities – especially those that are sports related. Baseball season is about to start and several baseball stadiums have secured their perimeter with high security fencing to prevent patrons from trying to sneak into games or trespass without paying. Hercules High Security Fencing is here with more information about how to get your anti-climb fence ready for spring.

What is an Anti-Climb Fence?

An anti-climb fence are shaped and designed to feature elements at the top that make it virtually impossible for a person to successfully climb over. For some facilities, traditional barbed wire is the desired deterrent (in jails, they prevent people from getting out). In other cases, like for sports stadiums, anti-climb fences can be designed with style and decoration that best suit the needs of the space while also featuring functional deterrent elements like pointed tops or extended height.

Why Are Anti-Climb Fences Important During Baseball Season?

Anti-climb fences are an important element of securing the perimeter of your facility during all seasons. Since baseball is an outdoor sport that isn’t commonly played in the winter months, there would be minimal reason for a potential attack or trespass into the stadium. Your anti-climb fence may have suffered damage in the winter months. It is important that you assess your anti-climb fence for any potential breaches in security. If you identify them, it is imperative that you fix the problem immediately.

Baseball franchises depend on the revenue from their ticket sales to stay afloat. Baseball fans can get rowdy – some of them already have a reputation for trespassing onto the field. The last thing you want for business is to lose money or put your patrons in danger because a fan or dangerous trespasser was able to gain entry at no cost and without a security inspection.

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