Is Your Security Fencing Prepared for a Blizzard?

Winterizing your fencing prior to massive snow storms can prevent rust and further damage.

Winterizing your security fencing prior to massive snow storms can prevent rust and further damage.

There is a blizzard headed for the Mid-Atlantic region! Have you thought about how a mass accumulation of heavy snow and wind could affect your security fencing or residential steel or aluminum fence? There’s a good chance you haven’t, in light of the recent warmer winter months. Of course, it is always best to winterize your fence before a major snowstorm hits, but if you didn’t – let’s review some important tips to keep your steel or aluminum fence healthy in the case of inclement weather. And remember, Hercules’ high security fencing is incredibly strong and durable against all weather circumstances!

Protecting Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is a popular choice in the fencing industry, because it usually requires little to no maintenance. While aluminum is very durable against most weather conditions, you should still take notice of any changes in the coating. If you notice that it has started to wear, make sure you apply another coat yourself or hire a professional do it to ensure that your fence will survive winter. Moisture and cold weather can cause it to start rusting if untreated.

Steel Fencing

Steel can rust, and if you leave it untreated it could worsen and cause damaging problems in the spring. If you can, use a stiff metal brush to remove any visible rust on the surface. Then wash, dry, apply a coat of primer and repaint your fence.

All Fencing

Regardless of the type of fence you have – metal, wooden, vinyl, security – you need to make sure your fence is prepared to withstand inclement weather prior to a harsh winter. Make sure your fencing is installed properly, this well help it remain durable against strong wind gusts. Make sure the hardware on your fence (latches/locks) is waterproofed, and if it begins to rust replace it for safety and security.

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