4 Things to Consider When Choosing Security Bollards

security bollards

Here are four things you need to consider when researching security bollards for your property.

If you have a valuable asset located next to a busy roadway, you have likely considered installing security bollards. But what kind of bollards are best suited for your property? There are many different types of security bollards designed for various situations and needs. From protecting against commercial vehicle attacks to simply pointing out where drivers should avoid, there are many functions for security bollards. Here are four things you need to consider when researching security bollards for your property.

1. What is Being Protected?

The type of security bollards you need depends first and foremost on what assets you are trying to protect. What are the consequences of a vehicle ramming into your property? For example, if you are trying to protect a large propane tank that is located right next to a daycare center, your protection needs are probably more significant than if you were installing bollards to protect a fire hydrant in an open area. This, along with the layout of your property and the types of threat expected, can help you determine what types of bollards and how many of them you require.

2. Types of Threat Expected

Another thing to think about when installing security bollards is what types of threat you can reasonably expect. A government or financial institution would be at greater risk of an intentional vehicular attack than a run-of-the-mill residential property or small business. Think about whether the most likely threat would be from an intentional attack or a distracted driver on a nearby road.

3. Traffic Concerns

The traffic surrounding your property is another key aspect of security bollard placement. An asset located on a busy city street would likely require a different level of protection than one located on a bike path. Bollards can also be used in parking lots to make curbs and fire hydrants more visible to drivers.

4. Rated or Unrated?

By now you should have an idea of the level of protection that your assets require. With that information in mind, should you use rated or unrated security bollards? Crash rated security bollards are tested and cleared to withstand impacts of vehicles with set weights at set speeds. Unrated bollards can still pack (or block) quite a punch. Popular unrated security bollard materials include steel, concrete, and plastic.

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