A Guide to Bollard Spacing Based on Site Requirements

bollard spacing requirements

Bollard spacing in parking lots must be spaced away from the curb.

When site planning for security bollards, you must consider how to space each bollard apart from each other. Bollards are often installed in a row for increased visual awareness and to assist in guarding a large perimeter. In these cases, how far should bollards be placed from the curb, and how might spacing affect their integrity? The best spacing for security bollards depends on requirements for each site on which bollards might be placed. Read on for the bollard spacing suggestions for keeping various properties safe and secure. 

Bollard Spacing for Storefront or Building Protection 

In areas where you expect frequent pedestrian traffic, consider the American Disabilities Act when site planning. There must be enough space between bollard posts for all pedestrians, as well as people in motorized chairs or wheelchairs. Keep at least three feet between each post, and be sure that the distance is measured from the furthest protrusion of the bollard. Do not exceed five feet between each post, or the bollard’s ability to protect against vehicles will be compromised. 

Campus and School Grounds

Areas with pedestrian traffic must follow the standard bollard spacing requirement of three to five feet. Fire lanes and passages must also allow for emergency vehicle access. You may also use the same regular bollard spacing format for bike bollards.

Sidewalk Safety and Traffic Calming Bollards

Bollards should be placed 1.5 feet from the back of the curb in any areas where cars might be parked alongside the curb. If there is no parking in the area in which the bollards will be placed, they can be installed next to the curb. The distance between bollards should be three to five feet, but you should also be aware of all local codes and ordinances. 

Asset Protection 

When protecting utilities, bollard spacing can be close if desired. However, you should always be aware of local codes and emergency access. Vehicle traffic must also be considered. If vehicle traffic is aggressive, bollard spacing should be tightened, and close to the utilities they are protecting. 

Architectural and Landscape Highlighting

Bollards that serve to protect landmarks and sculptures can be spaced closer together since the goal is to prevent pedestrians from intruding. Landmark and greenspace protection in public spaces should be planned with the needs of emergency vehicles in mind. 

Taking care to observe the appropriate bollard spacing requirements for your property will ensure that your property and assets remain protected. 

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