Common Bollards and Their Uses

Most people have never heard of a bollard but everyone has seen one—they just did not know it! They are found in various locations and have many uses. By definition, a bollard is a type of barrier designed to mark a specific location, detour the flow of traffic around construction, or act as protection to a building. They were originally designed as short posts placed on boat docks for owners to tie up their ships. Finally, they have become popular to enhance the overall appearance of both commercial and residential lawns.


Bollards serve many purposes.

Types of bollards include:

Traffic: Similar to a traffic signal alerting drivers of alternate routes or detours, traffic bollards make drivers aware of changed traffic patterns in roadways and parking garages. They are usually fluorescent colors to make them standout. They also may be used as a protective buffer to stop cars from entering areas that might have dangerous equipment and heavy machinery. 

Security: Bollards have become a staple in the anti-terrorism movement as they are often used to keep vehicles away from being driven and used as a weapon against important government buildings.

Decorative: Landscaping enthusiasts have been using decorative bollards recently to add visual appeal to real estate or commercialized property. Typically made of aluminum, iron or steel, these types of bollards are normally lighted and used to line driveways and pathways.

Flexible: Flexible bollards are comparable to the orange caution cones everyone likes to run over with their vehicle. Flexible bollards can be used to divert traffic on the roadways and parking lots. Unlike most types of common safety bollards, flexible bollards cause less damage to your vehicle if you should encounter one.

There are many other types of bollards such as steel-pipe bollards, solar bollards and bike parking bollards just to name a few. For the majority, while most bollards act as a safety tool to alert drivers and pedestrians of roadblocks and ensure protection from dangerous situations, they also can be an essential piece to any landscape or fence installation.



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