Types of High Security Bollards

Hercules High Security has numerous high-security bollards to choose from, including crash-rated and hydraulic bollards for government or federal facilities to consider. High-security bollards are an excellent choice for special facilities that need to restrict pedestrian access, vehicular traffic, and to protect high-security buildings. You may have found yourself wondering what exactly high-security bollards are and how they can help protect government assets and facilities. If you’re searching for a long or short-term installation of high-security bollards, Hercules High Security can professionally install high-security bollards on your property grounds.  

High-security bollards are an excellent choice for special facilities that need to restrict access from pedestrians, vehicular traffic, and high-security buildings.

Crash-Rated High-Security Bollards

One of the top choices in high-security bollard installations is crash-rated bollards. Crash-rated bollards are an excellent installation for areas where foot traffic is permitted, but vehicle access needs to be restricted. This may be due to pedestrian foot traffic being commonplace, like on a college campus, and you want to protect pedestrians from oncoming vehicles. Since these bollards are crash-rated, it means they can withstand a car crashing into them and stop the car completely. This can protect pedestrians from serious accidents. 

Removable or Retractable Bollards

Removable or retractable bollards are a tremendous high-security installation for select areas or facilities that allow pedestrian foot traffic and vehicular traffic. In high-security installation sites, retractable bollards can protect against pedestrian admittance and be retracted when authorized personnel needs to gain entry. This is an excellent install for government facilities and military bases. Removable bollards can be appropriate for public parking lots and college campuses that want crash-protection and also the option to remove the bollards later on. 

Hydraulic Bollards

Hydraulic bollards are similar to removable or retractable bollards, except they implement hydraulic mechanisms that enable each bollard to raise individually or at a fast pace without weakening the bollard mechanism. This can be an alternative to facilities that want to use retractable bollards regularly without potentially wearing down their bollards. Hercules High Security can consult with you to figure out which types of high-security bollards are most suitable for your commercial or government needs.

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