What is a Bollard?


Bollards are a great way to keep larger vehicles from accessing a space while still keeping the space open to pedestrians and smaller vehicles.

What rhymes with collard and protects your property from a large or a small herd? If you read the title you already know the answer—a bollard! Bollards are short and stout posts that work to guide traffic, stop vehicles from entering certain areas, and add to your perimeter security plan.

What Bollard Features Are Available?

Bollards can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel or concrete, and created in a wide range of widths and heights depending on your needs. Bollards can be coated in bright colors of paint like yellow or reflective tape for high levels of visibility. You can purchase bollards that are permanent, removable, or even collapsible.

Why Should You Use Bollards?

Bollards have a wide variety of uses in commercial and industrial environments. Bollards are primarily used for security and traffic control. Do you have an exposed storefront? Bollards can prevent someone from accidentally or purposefully driving into it.  Instead of leaving a vulnerable glass window exposed to potential thieves or vandals, stop cars in their tracks with bollards. Brightly colored bollards are also a great way to call attention to an entrance distracted drivers might otherwise drive right into.

Beyond the increased security bollards offer, they are frequently used for traffic control. Thin bollards can be used to guide cars entering shared parking lots or parking garages. They can also encourage cars to slow down at the appropriate times or prevent them from cutting across lanes. Since bollards can be collapsible or removable, they work especially well for parking lots that serve multiple purposes. If your parking lot is sometimes a parking lot, sometimes the spot for a food festival, and sometimes a spot for tailgating, permanent bollards might not be an option. Instead, explore all of the many options available to you in the world of bollards.

Choose Hercules High Security for Your High Security Bollards

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