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Which High-Security Options are Right for Your Business?

Thursday, August 4th, 2022
Hercules Fence High Security Options Business
Some careful consideration and a chat with a professional can help you determine which high security options are right for your business.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your business, employees, visitors, and patrons then you might be considering having high-security options installed for the best possible protection. However, you usually don’t want to make your facility impenetrable or intimidating because this could scare off potential business. It can be helpful to get an idea of what security methods similar businesses use and where you feel your business needs protection.


What to Look for During a Security Fence Inspection

Thursday, May 26th, 2022
Doing regular inspections of your security fence will allow you to catch issues before potential trespassers can exploit them.

Both residential and commercial properties will benefit from high-security fences. In fact, many of these properties might already have a high-security fence already installed. With that, comes routine inspections to ensure the high-security features of the fences themselves are still effective and efficient. The reality is, finding any problems or issues early on is the best way to ensure that all your properties are adequately protected. Ultimately, there are some helpful tips to help make sure that your high-security fence maintains its effectiveness. Here are the best things to look for when it comes to a security fence inspection to ensure your property continues to be safe and secure for many years ahead.


Security Fence Add-Ons for Better Perimeter Protection

Friday, May 13th, 2022
Hercules Fence High Security Security Fence Add-Ons
Installing add-ons to your security fence can result in a significantly more secure perimeter.

A solid and well-kept security fence will go a long way in keeping your property secure. There are a lot of options for fencing, and you can utilize add-ons for even better perimeter protection. Making your fence more intimidating or offering a promise of pain to would-be intruders can keep your perimeter safe and your mind at ease. 


5 Benefits of Palisade Fencing

Wednesday, April 13th, 2022
Hercules Fence High Security Palisade Fencing
Palisade fencing is an excellent choice when you need superior protection from potential intruders.

The best security fence is the one that stops a potential intruder before they even attempt to breach your perimeter, and palisade fencing can do just that. Appropriate for both residential and commercial security, palisade fencing offers superior protection by being difficult to breach and just as difficult to approach with the intent to breach it. Its intimidating look and excellent durability make it a top choice for high-security fencing.


Choosing the Right High-Security Fence for Your School

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022
Hercules High Security Choosing the Right High-Security Fence for Your School
Children should be protected without feeling imprisoned. The right high-security fence will keep your school secure without feeling like a prison.

Choosing the right high-security fence for your school can be a difficult decision. You’re running a school, not a prison, but it’s imperative to keep the lives of students and faculty safe from outside threats and deter crime from school grounds. Luckily, high-security fencing comes in many different styles, and there are options that will protect your school without making it intimidating or suffocating to students and faculty.


Benefits of Welded Wire Mesh Fencing

Friday, March 25th, 2022
Hercules High Security Welded Wire Mesh Fencing
Welded wire mesh fencing looks good and stays strong in all weather and situations.

Welded wire mesh fencing is a durable fencing option commonly used for sports parks and pool areas. These fences are trusted in high-activity areas because they’re strong and versatile which gives them a leg up on other common fencing options, even chain link.


3 Reasons for Residential High-Security Fencing

Tuesday, March 1st, 2022
Hercules Fence High Security Residential High-Security Fencing
A high-security fence around your home is attractive and adds extra security to your property.

High-security fencing isn’t limited to commercial applications. It doesn’t need barbed wire and a keypad to be secure. Residential high-security fencing is a viable option for private homes and can help deter crime while offering peace of mind. If you want your home to be more secure, it’s time to skip standard residential fences and level up with high-security fencing.


High Security Fences For Many Different Prisons

Friday, December 10th, 2021

Prisons require a specific type of high security fence to effectively and efficiently keep people out as well as keep inmates in.

There is no denying the importance that high security fences play in prisons. In fact, prisons require a specific type of high security fence to effectively and efficiently keep people out as well as keep inmates in. The reality is, a prison security fence is typically designed from either mild or stainless steel. Ultimately, it’s this type of material that really provides the highest security protection. Here are some key things to understand when it comes to high security fences for prisons. (more…)

Some Benefits to Razor Wire Fencing

Sunday, November 7th, 2021

razor hercules high security

Razor wire fencing is anti-climb technology Hercules High Security can install on your fence.

Razor wire fencing is anti-climb technology Hercules High Security can install on your fence. It is an effective tool against trespassing that is cost-effective and the next generation of barbed wire.  (more…)

What to Add to Your Chain-Link Fence

Friday, August 20th, 2021

razzor ribbon hercules high security

Upgrade your chain-link fence with Hercules Fences DC today with our add-on security features.

Upgrade your chain-link fence with Hercules Fences DC today with our add-on security features. Security should always be up to date. Some possible add-ons for you are steel fittings, razzor ribbon, barbed wire, and other non-climb features. Other security features we offer are k-rated fences, security booths, and bollards (more…)