Does Your Property Need Security Bollards?

Does Your Property Need Security Bollards?

In this week’s blog, we will discuss a few different types of property that can benefit from security bollards in different ways.

When it comes to protecting valuable assets, some properties have unique needs. In some instances, typical traffic and pedestrian access control methods like turnstiles and fences may not be enough. In the cases of banks with ATMs, gas stations, and more, security bollards are an ideal solution to protect your equipment and the valuable or hazardous materials within. In this week’s blog, we will discuss a few different types of property that can benefit from security bollards in different ways.

ATMs: Protect Your Cash

Banks have ATMs everywhere, from right outside their branch offices to grocery stores, shopping centers, and more. Many banks and commercial properties utilize security bollards to protect their ATMs and secure their cash. After all, there’s no telling how much money is just sitting there, waiting for criminals to haul away the machines and crack them open. Crash-rated security bollards can help deter this type of theft by creating a well-placed and immovable barrier. Not only can they keep cars from crashing through, but they can also help prevent thieves from hauling ATMs away from the scene by keeping the machines blocked in.

Gas Stations: Prevent Deadly Accidents

While ATMs and gas pumps both serve commercial purposes, the potential consequences of vehicle impact on gas pumps are much more deadly. Many gas stations use crash-rated security bollards to prevent cars from hitting gas pumps, either accidentally or on purpose. If your property has gas pumps, propane tanks, or any other hazardous material on-site, you should seriously consider installing security bollards. This will not only protect your fuel, but it can also prevent disaster.

Self-Service Kiosks: Secure Information, Goods, and More

Self-service kiosks of all kinds are becoming more and more common. From government agencies and hospitals to movie theaters and shipping lockers, all sorts of processes are being automated and moved to easily-accessible kiosks. While these lockers and machines make daily life easier, they can also leave valuable items and information vulnerable to theft or attack. By utilizing security bollards on your property, you can ensure that these convenient technologies are just as protected as they should be.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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