Aluminum vs. Steel Security Gates: Which is Better?

Steel Security Gates

Which is right for you: aluminum or steel security gates?

Choosing the right security gate is a crucial part of your perimeter security plan, whether you have a commercial or residential property. The two most popular materials for security gates are aluminum and steel. While both materials seem very similar, they have a lot of differences that can have an effect on how well they work for your perimeter security.

Do They Rust?

Steel is a corrosive metal, meaning that it can rust. Aluminum cannot rust, making it better for people looking to do less maintenance or in very humid environments where moisture is inescapable. Steel security gates can deteriorate over time and lead to an unattractive look and a less-effective security gate. Aluminum security gates are a better choice if you are seeking long-term durability or in a particularly humid area.

What Moving Parts Are Involved?

Aluminum gates typically have an enclosed truck and trolley system for motion, so that the moving parts themselves are protected from water, dirt, and any outdoor debris. As a result, the moving parts don’t need frequent maintenance or cleaning to stay effective. Since aluminum also doesn’t rust, you can use your security gate with the peace of mind that the truck and trolley system won’t decay, start squeaking, or stop working over time.

Steel security gates are susceptible to more rust and damage over time. Their moving parts are typically exposed rollers that need to be greased regularly to prevent jamming or squeaking.  Everyday dirt and debris will get stuck to the exposed rollers and need to be removed. Beyond this, whenever it rains or snows, the steel exposed rollers will be exposed to the elements and start to get damaged. Again, if you live in an area with frequent precipitation, aluminum security gates are always a better and more durable option.

Choose Hercules High Security for Your Security Gates

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