The Benefits of Crash-Rated Gates For Security

Crash-Rated Gates

So how do you find a happy medium to keep intruders out and keep your authorized persons safe inside? Investing in a crash-rated gate from Hercules High Security is an excellent option.

Are you in need of high security measures at your business or facility? There are plenty of options to consider when trying to hone in on your security needs. High security fencing with ornamental spikes or barbed wire are common security implements. Crash rated fencing and bollards are also options. But what if an authorized personnel or guests needs to get to the other side of the fence? You’ll need a gate for entry. Some intruders (especially those in vehicles) might see a gate or a break in the typical barrier as a weak point. With a crash-rated gate from Hercules High Security Fencing, you won’t have to worry about security breaches at any point.

What is a Crash-Rated Gate?

A crash-rated gate is a high security gate that allows entry and exit to authorized personnel or guests from your perimeter, made specifically to keep unwanted intruders out. They are specifically designed to keep out vehicles trying to crash through them, as well as unwanted foot traffic.



Crash-rated gates can withstand heavy impact and depending on the K rating of your crash-rated gate, it may be able to thwart vehicles traveling up to 50 miles per hour from breaking through. Crash-rated gates provide increased safety and security for your property, while you leave overnight worry behind. They are manufactured in different designs, so it won’t be hard to find one that fits well with your current security plan or property design. The better your security is, the safer your property is and the people inside of it. When people can trust a space, they will return to it. When people find out a facility or business has fallen victim to a successful attack, they are less likely to return.


Hercules High Security

Did you know that adding a crash-rated gate to your perimeter will greatly improve your building’s security? Call Hercules Fence today to talk about installation! We have decades of experience in the fencing industry and can offer you the best in ornamental steel, chain link, welded fences and more. Our dedicated teams of fencing professionals are highly trained, skilled and experienced in providing quality fence installations of any type. We’ll work with you to find a fence that bests suits your needs and budget.

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