Crash-Rated Gates and Bollards: Common Structures and Applications for High-Security Barriers

hercules high security bollards high-security barriers
Bollards are one of a few essential high-security barriers for your property.

There is no denying the crazy world that we all live in. In fact, with many recent acts of violence and a lot of civil unrest, protecting property becomes increasingly important. The reality is, having the right security measures in place typically comes with the addition of fence installations as well as adding crash-rated gates and bollards for even more extra security. Ultimately, many acts of violence can occur with the use of a vehicle — which is exactly why crash-rated gates and bollards become significantly more important than other types of high-security fences. Here are a few key things to understand about the different crash-rated gates and bollards out there to improve your security measures and properly protect any commercial business and property for many years to come.

Making Sense Of Crash-Rated Gates

When it comes to the guidelines associated with the different crash-rated rations, understanding what they all mean and how to differentiate them from one another becomes increasingly important. In fact, crash gate systems are designed to be graded differently — depending on the specific and intended use of the gate itself. The reality is, there are third party testing facilities that use a variety of different testing measures to effectively and efficiently test gates and provide their key ratings. Ultimately, relying on these ratings cna help you determine the best type of crash-rated fence or gate that will best suit your specific needs and goals.

Proper Application And Types Of Uses For Crash Barriers

The actual application of crash barriers will typically vary significantly based on the physical security measures in place. In fact, protecting and preventing breaches from occurring is a key aspect of having a crash barrier installed in the first place. The reality is, public utilities can always use a boost in security and protection — which is why they tend to be a very common use for crash barriers in the first place. At the end of the day, crash barriers can enhance your protection and security.

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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