What do K Ratings Mean for your High Security Needs?


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K Ratings will tell you how strong your high security fence is.

When you invest in a high security fence, you need to know that your investment is going to be worth the time and money you’ve put into it. Thankfully, there are plenty of standards that you can clearly identify that prove a certain amount of strength and protection. Today we’re going to be talking about K Ratings and what they mean for your security needs. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s do this.

K Ratings and You

K Ratings are a set of standards that claim your fence will be able to stand up to the force of a car collision. The three K Ratings you need to know about are K 4, K 8, and K 12. These three tiers of dependability state that cars at different speeds will not breach your fence. A K 4 rating is for cars traveling at 30 mph. A K 8 rating is for cars traveling at 40 mph. A K 12 rating is for cars traveling at 50 mph. The higher the rating, the more impact the fence can handle.

Why K Ratings Matter

K Ratings let you, the buyer, know how much impact your fence can handle. When terrorists or other criminals are trying to breach a fence, they may try to use a vehicle to do their work. A vehicle has a lot of force behind it when it collides with something, but if your fence has a substantial K Rating, then they may find themselves unable to perform a proper breach. This is obviously beneficial to your security needs. A K rated fence will also keep accidents from compromising your security.

Are you looking for a high security fence with a K Rating?

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