Barrier Arm Gate Safety

Barrier Arm Gate Safety

Learn how to safely operate a barrier arm gate at your business.

Facilities frequently choose barrier arms to ensure adequate protection of buildings from outsider entry. Barrier arms are used to prevent a 15,000 lb vehicle from being able to obtain entry onto a facility or government site. As an industry standard, you’ll frequently see barrier arms incorporated on military bases or government property. Barrier arms usually have gates attached to them, which can vary from drop arm crash beam gates to general crash beam gates. These can be dangerous for anyone who doesn’t adhere properly to preventative safety measures, which you should always follow around barrier arm gates. 

Learn How to Operate Barrier Arm Gate Safely

When Hercules High Security installs a barrier gate on your property, you should ensure that all personnel who will be operating the barrier arm gate have been effectively trained to operate the gate through industry standards and provided with safety information. By effectively training personnel who will be operating barrier arm gate machinery, you can protect yourself from any potential dangerous mishaps that can arise. 

Keep Children Away from Barrier Arm Gates

Children should not be allowed anywhere near barrier arm gates for their personal safety. A barrier arm can be very dangerous, especially for a young child. Ensure that children do not climb, hang, or place their bodies within any part of the barrier arm gate. Post proper signs and warnings to deter children, teenagers, and adults from potentially fatal bodily harm.

Provide a Separate Pedestrian Entry

Providing a separate pedestrian entry should always be taken into consideration for the safety of pedestrians. Barrier arm gates are intended for vehicles only, and a drop down barrier arm gate dropping on an individual walking through a gate can be fatal. Pedestrians walking through a barrier arm gate can also sue for any potential injuries or fatalities that occur. By providing a separate pedestrian entry, you are ensuring the safety of pedestrians and can potentially limit your own liabilities. 

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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