The Two Primary Types of Automatic Gate Openers

automatic gate openers keypad

Keypads are one variety of automatic gate openers that you can install.

Adding an automatic gate to your property is an excellent way to increase security and add some style at the same time. However, each automatic gate comes with a variety of style options, which you must consider before installation. One of the entry accessories you must decide on is the automatic gate opener. The primary types of automatic gate openers are either remote-controlled or keypad-controlled. Both styles offer different security benefits; read on to discover which option may be best for your property. 

Remote Automatic Gate Openers

A remote is the most traditional and common electronic gate opener device that is used. The most convenient remote to use is the push-button remote controller, which is battery-operated. This remote would often just include one or two buttons for opening and closing the gate. 


Another kind of remote automatic gate opener can work on radio frequencies or Bluetooth. Bluetooth is becoming increasingly common, especially with remotes that don’t require an extensive amount of distance. 


Infrared technology is relatively cheap to build and can last for a while. The downside to these remotes is that you have to point the remote directly or approximately in line with the receiver. This can be less than ideal in some situations. 

Keypad Automatic Gate Openers

You can also choose to open your electronic gate or door by using a keypad. When selecting a keypad-controlled automatic gate opener, you will have to be mindful of the motor you have installed on your gate. 

Comparing the Security

Remote Openers

Remote transmitters are very secure because they have a strict algorithmic procedure of radio or Bluetooth frequency. Make sure to discuss the security features with the person you are buying the controller from, to know exactly what security features are offered. 

Keypad Openers

A keypad is secure because it uses a private digit password to open the gate. This code can be changed from time to time for more security. There is also no risk of losing your remote opener.

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