The Benefits of Having a Round Guard Booth

A square security guard booth

A square guard booth can take up extra space on your facility. Try round, narrow booths for more flexibility and visibility.

Many high-security gates and entrances require security personnel to be onsite. The security personnel verifies the credentials of people trying to enter or exit, troubleshoot problems, or notify other staff when trouble occurs. For the guard’s comfort and safety, a guard booth is often required to house them while on duty. You can install a guard booth in a round or square shape. Read below to discover how opting for a round guard booth can offer you flexible security options for your protected facility. 

The Benefits of The Round Booth Design

The streamlined design of round guard booths comes with a few advantages. The guard’s sightlines will be more open, which gives them greater visibility across the facility. A round booth is also narrower than a square guard booth, which helps decrease the risk of car collisions. This smooth shape also may open up space for more drive paths and guard stations. 

Where Is a Round Guard Booth Most Useful?

A round guard booth is especially useful in a facility that requires an extra layer of security. A round guard booth can help increase safety for high-profile facilities such as a military base or government facility, where it is of utmost importance to keep out unauthorized individuals. 

Round guard booths are also useful for locations that require checkpoints at which guards need to collect payment before admission. These facilities would include stadiums, arenas, amusement parks, parking lots, and airports. Because these facilities often rely on the income from these parking or admission fees, letting a car pass through unnoticed means lost revenue for the facility. A reliable gate entrance is a vital part of that facility’s business. 

How Do Round Guard Booths Maximize Security?

Sometimes the mere presence of guard booths can help deter illegal entry into a facility. A guard booth is also handy for storing necessary equipment, surveillance monitors, and emergency devices, which help the security personnel do their job. 

Requiring cars to stop at a guard booth also gives the security personnel an excellent opportunity to evaluate and interact with visitors. Interacting with the visitors, even for a short period, can allow the guard to identify suspicious persons or vehicles. Your facility’s entrance can never be too secure, and a guard booth will enable you to increase your security in numerous ways efficiently. 

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