Consider Guard Booths for Security when Building a Residential Neighborhood

Consider Guard Booths for Security when Building a Residential Neighborhood

See how a guard booth could protect the local community!

Are you a developer building a residential neighborhood? If so, you should consider incorporating a guard booth for maximum security within your residential neighborhood build. A guard booth is the perfect place for a fence opening within a community and can be an extra security feature to keep residents safe. Since a guard booth is usually staffed by security personnel, the security personnel can write down information about who comes into the community to keep the neighborhood safe from potential burglaries. 

Guard Booths Protect Residents

Incorporating a guard booth within a neighborhood build can protect residents from unwanted vehicle traffic, foot traffic of non-residents, criminals, and unwanted solicitors who intend to go from door to door throughout the neighborhood. Having a guard booth staffed by security personnel can ensure that anyone coming into a neighborhood is doing so for legitimate reasons. While residents of the community can use an electronic device to gain entry into the neighborhood, all vehicles who are visiting must check in with security at the guard booth beforehand.

Guard Booths Create a Security Trail

While only residents can access the neighborhood through a guard booth without checking in, anyone who is opting to visit the neighborhood has to check in with the security guard on duty. The security guard on duty within a guard booth can ask the visitor who they are there to visit and keep track of the non-residents visiting. This creates a security paper trail with contact information and vehicle information of anyone who is a non-resident who attempts to gain access within a community.

Guard Booths Provide Adequate Shelter for Security

Rather than having security walk the grounds of a community neighborhood, a guard booth can provide a comfortable shelter while ensuring that security duties are performed. In addition, most guard booths can be equipped with a built-in restroom that incorporates a mirror, sink, and toilet so that security personnel do not have to step away from their duties and potential security breaches can be avoided. Contact Hercules High Security today for an estimate of your guard booth installation!

Choose Hercules High Security to Protect Your Property

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