The Benefits of a Guard Booth for Your Gated Community

Hercules Fence High Security Guard Booth Gated Community
Installing a guard booth at the entrance of your gated community gives you the opportunity to offer 24/7 access control and security to your residents.

Gated communities are in high demand these days, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Homeowners are looking for places to their raise families where it’s safe, they can trust their neighbors, and their community is strong. A gated community provides a secure space and peace of mind for its residents, allowing them to live in peace. Amenities sweeten the deal, allowing people the option to enjoy a swimming pool or on-site gym without having to leave their neighborhood. While all gated communities are valued for their security, a guard booth can make your gated community even more attractive to potential residents who are looking for that extra layer of safety and security.

Access Control

A guard booth at the front entrance is one of the best ways to implement access control for a gated community. Automatic gate systems are more common, and they do a good job, but an automated system can be easily fooled into letting an unauthorized guest in. A security guard, on the other hand, will come to recognize the faces of residents and they can double-check the validity of a guest by simply contacting the resident that invited them. Sometimes, this can actually be an easier way to allow visitors in. With automated systems, residents often need to go to the front gate to let someone in or give them a special code. If this code is never changed, it can actually be a security risk.


An automatic gate system can be bypassed, so some potential criminals may still try to get in. As an additional risk, anyone on foot can just walk right through. However, a guard booth is an immediate deterrent because it tells potential criminals that someone is watching—even anyone trying to enter on foot will be stopped. This makes it a lot more difficult for any unauthorized visitors to get beyond the entrance of the property without being caught and questioned.

Immediate Response

In the instance that a problem does take place within your residential community, a guard booth means that someone is on-site and can respond immediately to help. This doesn’t just apply to crimes such as robbery or domestic violence—a security guard is also a great asset if a resident experiences a medical emergency or even something as simple as a child getting locked out of their residence by accident. Having someone who not only protects the property but also assists the residents can make a huge difference in resident satisfaction.


A security guard in a guard booth is tasked with keeping records of all visitors and incidents that they deal with. This means that if a problem does occur, it’s as easy as possible to determine the source if you need to. Those records can be invaluable for gathering information during a security threat, but they can also be handy for keeping track of vendors and contractors that your property does business with.

Peace of Mind

Last but not least, having a guard booth with a trained security guard at the entrance of your gated community will give your residents the peace of mind they’re looking for. They know that there is always someone around that is watching the property and ready to help at any given moment when it’s needed. 

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