The Importance of Bullet Resistant Guard Booths

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Bullet resistant guard booths offer your guards and employees priceless peace of mind against potentially armed intruders.

If you have a high security facility (or any facility that incorporates the use of a security guard), bullet resistant guard booths are a crucial safety feature to ensure ultimate safety and perimeter protection. Hercules High Security is here to fill you in on the importance and benefits of bullet resistant guard booths.

The Benefits of Bullet Resistant Guard Booths

First and foremost, your facility stands to benefit greatly from the installation of a security guard booth – especially a bullet resistant one. Not only do these booths provide shelter and safety to the guard manning your perimeter, but they serve as a vital checkpoint for monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic. The most important and obvious benefit of a bullet resistant guard booth is that they will better protect your employees in the event that someone opens fire on your property – which is not insanely uncommon during an attempted trespass or attack. Bullet resistant glass offers your guards and employees priceless peace of mind. Another benefit of security guard booths is that they can be customized to include advanced features that best suit your facility’s needs.

Customized Guard Booth Features

There are several customization features available to create the perfect guard booth for your needs. High-tech booths are a wise security choice for power plants or critical utility facilities. Other than bullet resistant glass, your customized guard booth could feature: reinforced gates, ability to handle mail receipts (block materials related to bioterrorism), tinted glass, gun ports, built-in restrooms, sliding or swinging doors and more. Regardless of what custom features you choose, your guard booth will be designed with both function and aesthetic appeal in mind.

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