5 Tips for Fence Installation

5 Tips for Fence Installation

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Although fence installation seems like a straightforward project, there are some tips you should follow to be sure that it will serve its purpose with integrity and durability. Fences provide beauty and security for residential owners and commercial properties alike. Remember these tips for your next successful project.

Set, then Seal

After you install the fence, it’s important to ensure its integrity by allowing it to dry out completely. Trying to stain or preserve the wood before its ready will result in your products not fully being absorbed by the wood. Various manufacturers use certain finishes that may not be completely dry at the point of installation. Use clear wood preservatives to help maintain your fence and provide longevity.

Solid Hinges

Be careful not to undersize the hinges that you use for your gate; they’ll weigh too heavily on them. Pressure-treated gates, especially, are quite heavy to hold onto hinges and posts. The added weight from rain as the wood absorbs the moisture will make it even heavier. Be sure to set the posts at a much deeper depth, with added cement, and check that you’re using the appropriate hinges to hold the weight.

Consider Elevation

If you’re installing a fence on a hill, you’ll have to consider the elevation. It’s a tricky installation that requires stepping up as it moves up the fence. Set one section at one particular height and move upward as you install up the hill. You’ll need to apply full increments of half feet.

Don’t Overspan

Be careful not to overspan your sections. Depending on the type of fence you’re installing, you’ll likely be bringing in sections to attach them between the posts. They typically come in 6- to 8-foot lengths. Therefore, setting the sections too far apart results in less support and wind vulnerability.

Survey Your Property

Be completely sure that you know where the fence will be installed. After selecting the type, have your property surveyed to show your exact property lines. This way, you’ll know for sure that you’re installing the fence in the proper location.

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