How to Incorporate Plants Around Your Fence

How to Incorporate Plants Around Your Fence

Plant life can do wonders for your fence!

No matter what fence type you have, an ornamental, chain link or vinyl, some plants can really enhance the look of your fence and add some more security to your home or business. Here are some great ways you can incorporate plants around your fence.

Plant Some Flowers

Planting flowers around the base of your tree can add a new color dynamic to your yard. These flowers add an aesthetic around your fence that will draw the eye to the flower and not the fence. There are also types of flowers that may wrap around the fence, depending on how you like your yard to look, this might be the best option.

Add Some Bushes

While flowers look great around the base of a fence, bushes can look even better. Bushes can not only make an area look beautiful they can also provide additional security for your home or business. People and animals are less likely to be able to crawl under the fence when there are bushes lining the fence.

Don’t Bring Trees Near

If security is your primary concern or even a secondary concern when it comes to having a fence, avoid having trees near your fence. While they may look beautiful, make sure they are kept away from the fence to avoid encouraging people to climb over your fence.

Benefits of Plants Around Your Fence

Despite the obvious security benefits of adding plant life around your fence, there are other benefits as well. A good way to make your backyard into a haven is to add plant life. If you are worried about aesthetics, having a nature covered fence can help it blend seamlessly into the scenery without becoming unsightly. The nice views can be great for the next time you are entertaining and you don’t have the worry about security with your fence standing tall.

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