How to Maintain Your Fence This Fall

How to Maintain Your Fence This Fall

Keep your fence looking beautiful throughout the fall months!

Fences around the front or back of your property will not only provide beauty to your landscape, but they also serve as your first line of defense for your home. Fences act as a low-tech barrier between your home and the outside world. Whether your fence is made of wood or metal, there are steps you can take this fall to maintain its appearance and structure. The change in weather is the perfect reminder that fence inspection and maintenance should not be neglected.

Metal Fences

Fence inspection should be done on a regular basis. Consider any problem areas that you notice and address those first. For iron and other types of metal fences, especially after the rainy season of the summer months and moving into the coolness of fall, rust will be a factor that requires attention. Use a metal brush or sandpaper to remove surface rust and apply a fresh coat of paint or rust coating to protect your fence during the fall months. It may also be beneficial to pull out your tools for this project by tightening or replacing any screws that may be rusted or loose. Additionally, throughout the season remember to periodically inspect your fence as big storms may cause damage that requires your immediate attention.

Wood Fences

Just like metal fences, moisture is also a big problem for wooden fences. To prepare your wood fence for fall, take note of any rotting or cracked panels and repair them before the cool temperatures of fall further compromise its structure and possibly cause more cracking. Daily during the fall months, keeping your fence clear of debris like falling leaves and twigs is also necessary as the additional weight of these materials will add stress to the structure of your fence. Keep in mind the area on your property that surrounds your fence by ensuring that nearby trees are regularly pruned to lessen the chances of a limb falling and damaging your fence. Lastly, a waterproof sealant will further protect your fence against the damaging moisture of the season.

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