Residential Curb Appeal vs. High Security Curb Appeal

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Ornamental fences are a great option for both residential curb appeal and high security curb appeal. For extra protection, design your high security fence with spiked top features.

When most people think of “curb appeal” they imagine residential homes with pristine fencing and lush landscaping. But curb appeal is all about attracting the right attention, so why stop at residential properties? A high security fence is a great way to boost the curb appeal of your commercial property or high security facility. Let’s talk about why.

Attracting a Buyer vs. Deterring Crime

As aforementioned, curb appeal is all about catching the eye of the right person. In the case of a typical homeowner, they may invest in curb appeal or a new fence in order to send a message to their neighbors that they value their space, image, security, and privacy. When it comes to high security facilities, a new fence will send a similar message – just on a greater scale.

For homeowners looking to sell, curb appeal and fencing can go a long way in snagging the right buyer. However, when it comes to high security facilities, the right fence can go a long way in deterring the right intruder. It’s all in the design.

Sleek vs. Scary Fence Design

Recently on our blog, we talked about high security fence design options. Are you interested in a sleek or scary design? Residential curb appeal is all about making your home look inviting, polished, and well kept. High security curb appeal is all about making your property look secure, uninviting to the random passersby, and well kept.

Your high security fence can be designed to intimidate potential intruders and send a message that your facility is a no-nonsense, authorized-personnel-only, maximum security space. It can also be designed with sleek sophistication that still functionally deters crime, increases security, and sends the same message. Ornamental anti-climb fencing is a great option if you are looking for the best of both worlds, since it is both highly customizable and incredibly durable.

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