3 Benefits of Bollards

3 Benefits of Bollards

Security bollards can help keep your facility safe!

Bollards allow you to easily set boundaries around your property or parking area. They are a great way to increase safety and security on your property by barring vehicle entrance and separating pedestrian areas from roadways. Plus, due to the appearance of bollards, they minimize the impact on the aesthetic for your property, making them ideal for parks or other outdoor areas meant for the enjoyment of drivers and pedestrians alike. A heavy-duty bollard can be the perfect safety and security solution for your property. Here are just 3 benefits of bollards.

1. Increase Safety

When it comes to choosing fencing for your property, safety is often of the utmost concern. You’ll want to keep pedestrians at a safe distance from any parking lots or roadways in or around your property while still allowing for the enjoyment of the area. A great way to increase safety without fencing off all your land, consider bollard posts. These heavy-duty posts can be placed at intervals that will disallow large vehicles from entering certain areas while allowing pedestrians to travel through freely. This is a great option for keeping vehicle areas distinct from pedestrian areas without sacrificing any visuals.

2. Increase Security

Bollards can also help you increase security on your property. Accidental damage from vehicles is a real concern when there is a lack of distinction between roadways and your property. You can prevent damage to any buildings or structures on site by restricting vehicle access using bollards. This makes bollards a great security option for buildings like banks, schools, and government offices which will especially want to prevent damage or access from vehicles.

3. Traffic Management

Bollards make traffic management easy. By placing your posts to prevent vehicles mounting the curb or accessing certain areas, you can prevent accidents or damage to your property. They can seriously benefit properties that struggle with vehicle flow, especially with narrow roads, high curbs, and pedestrian sidewalks. Bollards can also be especially useful for channeling and diverting traffic, as well as closing off roads altogether. If you need to restrict a road to employees or maintenance staff, consider bollards around a gate to prevent vehicles circumventing your security measures.

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