4 Famous Fences Around the World

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Do you know any of the famous fences on our list of the world’s most revered?

When you think of high security fencing, you probably think of your neighbor’s tall wooden fence or the beautiful wrought iron security fencing around your backyard. However, many of the most famous fences around the world are security fences! Here’s a look at four of the most famous examples of security fencing around the world.

The Australian Dingo Fence

Security fencing doesn’t exist only to keep out people that want to enter an area, it also works to keep out animals! The longest fence on Earth (a whopping 3,400 miles long) exists in Australia. It was built in the 1880s to protect sheep from attacks by dingoes. The fence worked a little too well and protected not only the sheep population, but also the kangaroo population, leading to a huge surplus of animals in the area.

The Great Wall of China

Okay, so it’s called a wall and not a fence, but the Great Wall of China is essentially a historic example of high security fencing. It is almost 13,000 miles in total length and it has stood the test of time for almost three millennia—and you thought your custom wrought iron fence was long lasting!

The Buckingham Palace Fence

The fence surrounding one of the most famous government buildings in the world is an excellent high security fence that serves more than one purpose. Not only does the fence serve as protection for the royals living within the palace, it also exists as a stunning decoration to the home. The fence is made of cast iron stakes that are individually topped with gold fleurs-de-lis to make a beautiful and classic statement.

The Lock Fence

The lock fence in Paris is a great example of a fence that seems like it would be high security (because it is completely covered in locks!). The lock fence is a very popular destination for couples who attach a padlock to the fence symbolizing their love and throw away the key. While the lock fence held up for many years, in 2014 a portion of the bridge collapsed from years and years of heavy padlocks.

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