5 Reasons You Would Need High Security Fencing

employs multiple anti-climb strategiesDo you have high security fencing for your government or business facility? Do you need it? If you’re not sure, Hercules High Security has a list of five reasons you would need high security fencing. If you find that one or more of the criteria fits your building you should seriously consider looking into high security fencing.

1. Your Facility Contains Sensitive Documents

The first of our five reasons you would need high security fencing is to protect sensitive documents. Sensitive documents that include proprietary information to you company or branch of the government should be protected by many layers of security, like an onion. The inner layers of security protecting documents are computer passwords, keycards, and filing cabinet keys. But why risk intruders getting that close to sensitive or privileged information? A high security fence and gate cards can prevent potential thieves from getting close to your papers.

2. Your Facility has Valuable or Hazardous Equipment or Materials

Next on our list of reasons you would need high security fencing is that your facility has valuable, or hazardous, equipment or materials. This reason is fairly self evident, if you have valuable or hazardous materials and equipment it should be protected from potential theft. Hazardous chemicals, biological waste, construction equipment, construction materials, weapons, fleet vehicles, expensive tools, and expensive or rare raw materials all fall under this category. Any thing that would represent a significant loss to your company if it was stolen should be protected by high security fencing.

3. Your Facility has Valuable Personnel

Halfway through our list of reasons you would need high security fencing, but really one of your number one concerns, is protecting your employees and personnel. We know you consider all of your employees and personnel as valuable, but some employees might warrant being targeted for their knowledge. Personnel in research and development, I.T. personnel, or members with high security clearance could all be targeted to gain access to your facilities secrets. Protect them, and the rest of your personnel, with high security fencing.

4. Your Facility Hosts Important Guests

Number four of the reasons you would need high security fencing is that your facility often hosts important guests. If you run a studio and often have celebrities come there to shoot for TV  or film, are a business that attracts important investors, or are a government contract firm that regularly sees visits from senators, representatives and other government officials you should have high security fencing to protect these MVP visitors.

5. Your Facility is in a High Risk Area

Finally, the last of our reasons you would need high security fencing is if your facility is located in high risk area. A high risk area includes areas with high rates of crime, or oversees facilities in politically unstable regions. Facilities in high risk areas and the employees who work there should be protected by high security fencing.

Does Your Facility Need High Security Fencing?

If your facility meets any of the criteria above you should have high security fencing. Call Hercules High Security. All high security fences designed and installed by Hercules Fence will provide great strength and design. Look around our website to get a corporate overview and tour of our Hercules Fence Facility. Our entire line of fencing comes with extended warranties to ensure you have superior high security products for years to come. Our high security fence contractors truly offer security in every job. We have provided excellent fence designs and exceptional customer service since 1955. Request an estimate today with us to start on your high security project.

We have six convenient locations and there is a Hercules Fence professional ready to serve you from Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan area to North Carolina. Our branch offices are in Manassas, Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.

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