Anti-Ram Cable: The Ultimate Crash Defense

When evaluating your facility’s security needs, there are many factors that you must consider. Some facilities are more prone to on-foot trespassers; in these cases, fences with anti-climb technology are the best way to maintain safety. Other facilities, however, are more at risk from crash vehicles than pedestrians, and so there needs to be a way to keep these vehicles out effectively. There are a wide range of security fence options available for such cases, but perhaps none will protect your facility as well as anti-ram cable. Read on to learn more about this specific fencing type and how it can help you!

Anti-Ram CableHow Does Anti-Ram Cable Work?

Anti-ram cable is specifically designed to keep out crashing vehicles. As a barricade against cars and trucks, anti-ram cable supplies your facility with an absolutely vital component of its overall security system. But how exactly does it do this? The cable itself is made out of heavyweight, wound metal cables that are supported by Impasse rails, together making what looks like a metal split-rail fence. These metal cables are reinforced to withstand high speed impacts from heavy objects; while they may bend upon particularly strong impact, they do not break, giving your security team plenty of time to respond to an intruding vehicle.

Because anti-ram cable is not by nature bulky or view-obstructing, it is a good choice for facilities that have aesthetic appeal as well as security in mind. They will become a natural part of your facility’s perimeter and provide it with the look and protection that you want.

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