Can Crash-Rated Bollards Keep My Facility Safe?

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When electing to add additional security measures to your facility it’s important to get a handle on all your options. A crucial part of any site security plan is the establishment and enforcement of a tightly controlled perimeter. Adding crash-rated bollards is a great way to manage vehicle access to your high security facilities and to keep your property safe and secure after hours.

What Are Crash-Rated Bollards?

It’s important to distinguish between crash-rated and regular bollards. Regular bollards are laid in simple, predictable patterns and placed in areas with an expectation of civility and are thus used primarily to direct traffic flow. Crash-rated bollards are explicitly designed to keep aggressive intruders, those who plan on carrying out acts of theft, vandalism, or terrorism, out.

Crash-rated bollards are available in several different strengths, each designed to resist a particular maximum amount of force. This is often expressed in terms of the maximum vehicle speed and weight that the bollard can withstand a collision with. K4 rated Bollards will withstand impact with a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 30 mph, K8s will withstand a vehicle of the same weight coming at 40 mph, and K12s up to 50 mph.

Crash-rated bollards are an excellent resource for any business or organization needing additional perimeter control and mitigation of security risks. They allow and control foot access while limiting the potential danger of any hostile vehicles. When selecting crash-rated bollards for your facility make sure that they are placed where vehicles will have the least room to ramp up speed and are appropriately rated for whatever force a vehicle could hit them with.

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