Create a Perimeter Security Plan for Your Safety

Perimeter Security

Make sure your facility has a perimeter security plan.

Effective perimeter security can vary greatly according to the needs of a business. Sometimes that means high security fencing and other times it just means a good old fashioned lock on the door.

Risk Assessment

The first thing you should always do when developing a perimeter security plan is to conduct a risk assessment for your facility. A risk assessment is an invaluable to tool for measuring and analyzing a facility’s compliance with security requirements. This assessment will enable you to identify potential vulnerabilities that could result in a loss of product, assets, or even life.

An effective risk assessment should consider the following:

  • Assets: what valuable resources, products or product information is at stake?
  • Vulnerability: how susceptible are the assets to a loss?
  • Threat: what potential adverse events or acts are at stake?
  • Prevention: what countermeasures are taken to reduce vulnerability and threats?


Once you’ve determined your risks it is time to factor in what you’ve already got in place. Is it sufficiently fulfilling the needs of your facility’s security requirements?


Technology and Lighting

Sensors, cameras and lighting are crucial components of a perimeter security plan. Well placed sensors should carefully consider location to avoid any false positives in your system, but are sensitive enough to remain serviceable.

Effective lighting does more than light up a building’s façade. Consider areas that can’t be seen or where people can run in and out of your facility.


High Security Fencing

Although technology can be key to a strong perimeter security plan, no amount of bells and whistles can replace a physical barrier to potential intruders. Modern fencing technology has improved considerably since the invention of the chain link. There are electric fences, fences with curved backs or barbed and razor wire tops. It’s important to evaluate the security needs of your facility to determine what kind of fencing is appropriate for your perimeter security plan.


Let Hercules Do the Heavy Lifting

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