Do Crime Rates Increase During Winter?

With winter weather well on its way, many people fall into a sense of complacency about the security of their facilities. They believe that because of cold weather, most would-be criminals are deterred from trying to carry out any illegal behavior. While that logic is not entirely unreasonable, there are other factors unique to winter that can make crime rates increase, rather than decrease. Read on to find out what causes crime rate hikes as the temperature falls, and how high security fence could be the solution to all of your winter woes.

crime rates Protect Your Facility in Winter with a High Security Fence

In winter, several factors can be linked to increases in crime rates.

Daylight hours are shorter. We just recently set the clocks back, meaning that night falls much earlier than it did in summertime. Many intruders take advantage of the early darkness to cover up their crimes. Stop them with a high security fence; it will be just as effective in the daylight as it is in the dark!

Holidays contribute to crime. Around the holiday season, certain crimes, such as thefts, can unfortunately become more and more common. Surrounding your facility with a high security fence can help keep out potential thieves and keep your facility safe.

Vacation days mean lax security. On a holiday-related note, this time of year is often the time when your employees, including security guards, will be taking vacation days. Without them to rely on, or with only less-experienced replacements on hand, your facility can be at higher risk for intrusion. A high security fence keeps out threats without the need for an extra pair of eyes.

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