How Do Crash Barriers Work?

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F=M*A. Or in simpler words, the force of an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by the object’s acceleration. Some people know what it means; anyone who has been in a car crash knows how it feels.

Crash barriers are designed to help spread out and slow down that force, preventing serious damage to the object, its occupants, and anything behind the crash barriers. If you are looking to install crash barriers as part of your high security fencing solutions, take a moment to read about how these amazing examples of physics work.

Force & Impulse

A fast moving car is going to have a huge amount of mass and acceleration. This means the force behind the car is also going to be immense, and could cause a lot of damage during a crash. Most of the damage in a crash occurs when the car is stopped by an object with equal or greater force: another car, a building, or a tree, for example. Physicists, fence builders, and car designers have discovered one answer to prevent a significant amount of that damage – reduce the change in speed that occurs as the car is stooped.

This change in acceleration is called the impulse. It also has an equation associated with it – Impulse = F*T. This translates to impulse is equal to the force multiplied by the time of the impulse. The longer it takes for the impulse to occur, the less force is transferred between the car and whatever it is crashing into.

Crash Barriers & Crumple Zones

Crash barriers work very similarly to crumple zones on cars – as the car crumples, the vehicle slows down and reduces the force and the impulse. There are many different types of crash barriers, including ones made from sand, water-filled plastics, and steel. Many of these can be found in high risk areas, such as pedestrian-heavy walkways, bridges, and mountain roads. They are also designed to keep a car on the road and outside of a company’s property.

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