The Pros and Cons of Living in a Gated Community

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The number of gated communities rises every year, and residents agree that there are both pros and cons to living within the gates of a fenced community.

As you consider moving into a new home, you might be wondering whether or not the increased security of a gated community is right for you and your family. Are gated communities and properties with surrounding fences actually safer? The number of gated communities rises every year, and residents agree that there are both pros and cons to living within the gates of a fenced community.


The biggest thing that people want to know is whether or not gated communities are actually any safer than non-gated communities. Unfortunately, there is no solid data proving either side of the argument. Despite the lack of data, there are opinions. On one hand, fencing cuts down on crime by limiting access to residents and approved non-residents. Besides the physical barrier of fencing, gated communities provide a psychological deterrent for potential opportunistic criminals. However, you shouldn’t use the fence around the community as an excuse for not investing in your home’s security and fencing systems as well.


Opponents of gated communities recognize that anyone can live within one, meaning your neighbor (an approved resident of the community) could be committing just as many crimes as someone living outside of the walls. Also, keep in mind that visitors to residents can also commit various property crimes within the walls with approval to enter.

Other Advantages

  • Reduced traffic within your immediate gated community, as people can’t drive through as a shortcut on the way to work or to avoid traffic on the highway. This can lead to residents feeling much better about letting their children play outside after school.
  • Fewer solicitors will stop by your home, as the secured entrance will prevent them from ever reaching your doorstep. These gates discourage solicitation, and few (if any) solicitors will bother you as a result.

Other Disadvantages

  • You pay for your security with higher prices. Beyond the price of your home, you will have homeowner’s association fees to maintain the streets (private, not public funded roads), keep the security gates in working order, and pay for any guards that work at the gate or throughout the community
  • Living in a gated community can be inconvenient when you want to leave or return in a hurry. As many residents leave for work within a two-hour period, the line to leave can be a bit long and cause a frustrating delay at the start of your commute.

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