How To Remove Paint From A Fence

How To Remove Paint From A Fence

Remove paint from a fence the right way with these steps!

Removing paint from a fence is a common home improvement job, but can actually be quite difficult if you lack the right products and tools. Also, there is no real guarantee that the fence will be as good as new after the paint is stripped. It all really depends on the condition of your fence. However, if you want to apply new paint, stripping old paint is a crucial first step. Here is how to strip paint from a fence the proper way.

Clean The Fence

If you intend to strip fence paint, it is important to first clean the fence. Begin by using a damp cloth to wipe loose any paint, rust, or dirt. Do this a few times to properly clean it. Shaking a fence can also help shake dirt and debris free.

Get A Wire Brush

If you find that there are some trouble spots left on your fence after a thorough cleaning, you may need to use a wire brush to get them off. After this, pass over everything again with a damp cloth for a final cleaning.   

Apply Stripper

Once your fence is clean, it is time to apply the chemical paint stripper. Give the fence an even coating on all areas and wait 15 minutes. The paint should start to loosen up. If not, apply another coating to problem areas.

Sand Your Fence

Once the stripper has worked, use a piece of sandpaper to sand down the loose paint. Sand until all paint is removed and if some remains, apply stripper and sand again. Sand until you are pleased with the results.

The Last Paint

Shake any paint fragments away and pass over your fence with a damp cloth again. You can use a slender object, like a screwdriver, to reach the difficult nooks and crannies of your fence.

Grab Your Heat Gun

If you are not happy with the final paint removal results you can make use of a heat gun to remove any remaining paint.  Go over your fence with the heat gun and when paint begins to bubble up use a knife to scrape it away. it is important to remember to wear a pair of safety glasses and goggles.

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