The Benefits of a Maximum Security Fence


Security Fence

Maximum security fences are the most effective way to safely ward off intruders at high priority organizations.

The most obvious benefit of a maximum security fence is that it offers – you guessed it – maximum security. Maximum security fencing is a great choice for facilities like military bases, jails, public schools, data centers, chemical labs or large banks. NASA, the FBI and several other prestigious organizations have used the high security fencing services with Hercules Fence to secure their perimeter!

Maximum Security Fences for Ultimate Safety

Sometimes effective high security fencing can be as simple as an ornamental fence with spiked designs along the top. If you have a high profile facility with protected data that is vulnerable to attack, however, you are going to want something that is more effective against smarter criminals with force. Maximum security methods use a mix of fencing, cables and beam reinforcements to secure the perimeter. You’ll want to deter criminals in every way possible to ensure ultimate safety of your facility and its workers. Security booths and crash rated elements also increase your level of high security.

What Are Crash Rated Elements?

At Hercules High Security, we offer several crash rated – or “K-Rated” – security features like bollards, standard barriers, gates, fences and vehicle barriers. If a criminal wants to gain entry to your facility and can’t identify an ideal place to do so on foot, there is a good chance they will try to ram your entryway with their vehicle in hopes that the force will help them break through. Security features with K-ratings can protect your facility from a 15,000 lb vehicle crashing into it while traveling anywhere from 30 mph to 50 mph. To learn more about the specific K-ratings (K4, K8, K12) and find out which is best for you, click here.

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With a seemingly endless amount of security booth providers out there, it can be difficult to discern the good from the bad.Hercules High Security has the experience and commitment to quality you need. We’ve been providing high-quality security solutions since 1955, and have no intention of stopping now. Request an estimate today with us to start on your security guard booth project.

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