The Many Benefits of an Access Control System

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Not all security comes from a gate, or a turnstile. In many ways, an access control system is the best solution to your security problems.

While we’ve talked about the benefits of a gated community, it’s important to remember that there are many ways to protect both residents and employees on a daily basis.  Not all security comes from a gate, or a turnstile.  In many ways, an access control system is the best solution to your security problems.  It should be used in addition to your guard booth or security fence to ensure the maximum safety for your residents or employees.  Read on to find out all of the amazing benefits that come with an access control system.

No Keys


Electronic access control systems are great ways to keep the physical key out of the situation.  What’s the benefit of not using a key?  Well, you can lose keys; that’s the simplest explanation.  Keys aren’t secure because they could make their way into the wrong hands very easily.  Without proper access control, it would be very simple for an intruder to force their way into the area.




In business, you’ll need to customize your access control system in order to keep it safe.  This includes everything from changing the code, to giving certain employees different alarm codes, to only accepting codes at certain times of the day.  What’s really great about customization is that it allows for maximum safety.  You won’t have to worry about whether or not someone is entering the building after hours; instead, you can have complete control.


Remote Control


Out of state?  Away from your security gate?  That’s no issue.  You can still control your access control system remotely through your smartphone or the internet.  You don’t need to worry constantly about the state of your security.  It’s easy with an access control system to ensure that your business or residence is safe in every sense of the word.


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