The Right High Security Fence for Your Purpose

Your business or government facility needs protection. You have highly valuable or sensitive assets or personnel on your grounds and cannot afford to have them stolen or damaged. You need a high security fence to protect your facility, but aren’t sure about what types of fencing suit your needs. Hercules High Security has developed this simple guide to help you determine the best type of high security fence to fit your purpose.

High Security Fence Contractor Baltimore MDChain Link Fencing

The primary advantage of chain link fencing is its adaptability. Chain link fences may be set up temporarily, or permanently. They can be put up quickly, and taken down and moved quickly. Chain link fencing can be made non climb with the addition of razor ribbons or barbed wire. Many other security precautions can also be added to chain

link fencing.

Chain link fencing’s main drawback is its appearance. Chain link fencing’s form is very much an expression of its function. It is utilitarian in appearance and can be intimidating, or wearying.

While chain link fencing may be used anywhere, its appearance makes it best suited for temporary, industrial, or construction fencing.

Ornamental-High-Security-FencingOrnamental High Security Fences

Ornamental high security fences offer a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to chain link, while still providing protection. Like chain link fencing, they are very versatile and maybe augmented in numerous ways to make them more secure. They take longer to set up then chain link, and are typically more permanent structures. Ornamental high security fences are good for facilities that do not want to present an overtly menacing presence. This would be business or government facilities located in more public areas, or that often have visits from civilians, investors, or politicians.

employs multiple anti-climb strategiesCFATS Fencing

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (known as CFATS) are standards of protection for facilities that posses or produce high-risk chemicals established by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Hercules High Security can construct fences that meet the various CFATS standards for your facility.

Custom FencesAccessories for Your High Security Fence

All of our high security fencing can be accessorized with various additions to help increase your facilities security. Anti-climb features can be added to stop climbing. Crash-rated cables, barriers, and bollards can be installed to prevent access to your facility via land vehicle. Gates and turnstiles can be constructed to control the flow of traffic into and out of your facility.

Hercules High Security has what you Need for Your High Security Fencing Needs

All high security fences designed and installed by Hercules Fence will provide great strength and design. Look around our website to get a corporate overview and tour of our Hercules Fence Facility. Our entire line of fencing comes with extended warranties to ensure you have superior high security products for years to come. Our high security fence contractors truly offer security in every job. We have provided excellent fence designs and exceptional customer service since 1955. Request an estimate today with us to start on your high security project.

We have six convenient locations and there is a Hercules Fence professional ready to serve you from Maryland and the Washington Metropolitan area to North Carolina. Our branch offices are in Manassas, Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.

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