Tips for Building a Gate for Your Wooden Fence

Tips for Building a Gate for Your Wooden Fence

Complete the look of your fence with an attractive gate!

The gate is usually the last part of a fence to go up, and proper installation depends on strong, straight gate posts. Many gate malfunctions occur because the posts holding them start to sag. The gate usually isn’t difficult to construct, and its design is usually the same as the rest of the fence. It needs space on either side to ensure that it will continue to swing freely and close properly when the fence gets wet and the wood expands. You should also provide a gap between the bottom of the gate and the highest point in which it swings.

Step by Step

  • Measure the gate opening with a tape measure and construct the gate so that it is 1/2-inch narrower than the opening.
  • Decide which way you want the gate to swing. Lay it on a flat surface and set the hinges on the front of the gate, placing one about 1 foot from the top and the other the same distance from the bottom.
  • Support the gate on blocks of wood or bricks in the gate opening so that it is far enough above the ground to swing freely.
  • Screw the latch to the front of the gate approximately 36 to 40 inches above the ground. Remove the blocks holding the gate and close it.
  • Open the gate to make sure it swings freely, and then close it and try the latch.

Maintaining Your Gate

If you oil your wooden gates, then be aware that you could end up having to regularly apply additional coats of oil every 2-3 months to keep the wood in tip-top condition. For paints, steer away from ranch or fence paint as these are quite often made solely for rough sawn timber and will not adequately protect smooth planed timber. Gloss paints used to be the most common choice, but the main drawback with these products is that if water does penetrate the paintwork, then it won’t be able to escape effectively.

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