Types of Anti-Climb Strategies for your Fencing

employs multiple anti-climb strategiesThere are many different strategies to make a fence more difficult to climb. Intimidation factor, the size and shape of posts, the post tips, and barbed wire are some of the more common anti-climb strategies. Each has its own set of benefits that you should consider when in stalling your high security anti-climbing fence.

Intimidation Factor

The intimidation factor of a fence is its first line of defense. Make a fence intimidating enough and no one will even try and climb it. Several factors go into the intimidation factor of a fence. The warning signage, security cameras, height of the fence, how sturdy it looks, and whether or not it’s topped with apparent anti-climb devices all have an impact on how intimidating a fence is. The only problem with intimidation factor as an anti-climbing strategy is that you might want to provide security to your business without intimidating and deterring public visitors, employees, customers, or potential investors.

Size and Shaping of the Post

The size and shaping of the fence posts go a great way towards determining whether a fence can be scaled or not. With the right size or shape of post it can be difficult to comfortably grip a fence in order to scale it. Posts that are very large make them difficult to grab, or posts with hard sharp edges are uncomfortable on the hands. The advantages of having a post sized and shaped to be difficult to climb is that it makes spur of the moment climbing difficult, without making the fence intimidating. The disadvantage of it is that on it’s own it can be defeated as an anti-climbing strategy by sufficiently determined climbers with tools.

Sharp Post Tips

Sharpened or shaped post tips are classic anti-climb strategies for fences. By sharpening or shaping your post tips you can make them dangerous for climbers who are trying to go over the top. They might cut their hands on the tips, or have clothing get snagged on the post tips when they try to go over. As with altering the posts shape and size, this is an excellent strategy for deterring spur of the moment climbers. However, it shares the same disadvantage of not being able to stop the sufficiently prepared or skilled.

Angled Tops

By having the top of the fence angled outwards are another effective strategy to make climbing more difficult. By having the top of the fence angled outwards it makes climbing awkward and difficult. The climber would have to climb out away from the fence to go over it. This can be done by those of sufficient skill and strength, but is a more difficult feat then can be done by the average passer by. This works best in concert with other methods, such as the sharpened post top.

Barbed Wire, Razor Wire, Razor Ribbon

Barbed wire, razor wire, and razor ribbon are all, in principle, the same thing. They are sharp or pointy things on metal wires that will hurt people who touch them. By having spools of this strung over your fence, it can be very difficulty to get over the top of them. Like with the other methods, it is not guaranteed to stop anyone, a prepared person with wire cutters, or a padded mat can circumvent these anti-climb strategies. However, in combination with other strategies, like the angled fence top, it becomes much more difficult.

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