Types of Anti-Terrorism Cables and Their Benefits

anti-terrorism cable

Anti-Ram cables are a unique type of anti-terrorism cable as they provide a web of protection while offering give.

With security threats and risks increasing globally, it is no surprise that many people, businesses, and institutions have become interested in and begun to utilize anti-terrorism cable and high security fence more widely. In this post, some of the many types of anti-terrorism cable will be explained and discussed, so that you have all the information you need to make the right decisions for the safety and security of your property.

Stalwart Cable

This type of anti-terrorism cable mitigates the problem of vehicle intrusions with a high security fence that mirrors a standard bar fence in a few ways. This fence is however much stronger and infinitely more resilient than a standard bar fence, ensuring your property is impenetrable.

Milcon Cable Fence

Milcon is effectively a sort of “light Stalwart” material. It is less than 50% as effective as the stalwart cable, but is a much lighter and easier to install type of anti-terrorism cable. This type of cable is far more suitable for less valuable properties that need general protection.

Anti-Ram Cable

Anti-Ram cables are a unique type of anti-terrorism cable as they provide a web of protection while offering give. It keeps an area safe without breaking, which means minimal damage overall. They are also a more aesthetically appealing choice.  

Anti-Terrorism Cable

Anti-Terrorism Cable bends when pushed with force, but does not give way entirely. When utilized in larger high security fence projects, it prevents both unwanted individuals and vehicles from entering.

Vehicular Restraint

This comprehensive security system is the sum of a number of parts which all work together. This type of structure involves gate systems, high security fence, and anti-terrorism cable to provide comprehensive and total security and complete control over an area while still allowing it to remain visible.

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