What to Do If There is a Breach in Your High Security Fencing

If you have a breach in your high security fencing, it requires immediate repair.

If you have a breach in your high security fencing, it requires immediate repair.

Do you work at Do you have high security measures in place to protect your facility? If you do, you are already ahead of the game. But what if your fencing is damaged? While high security fencing is incredibly durable, it is not impossible for it to sustain damage from an animal or vehicle ramming it head on. Let’s talk about what you can do if there is a breach in your security fencing.

Take Preventative Security Measures

The best way to prevent a potential crisis is to actively avoid it. If you know that your security fencing is in a location prone to a lot of heavy vehicle traffic, you should prevent damage by investing in crash-rated security bollards. These bollards will stop a vehicle before it gains access to your fence. If you think the bollards will be too bulky and get in the way of standard foot traffic, consider placing them on a hydraulic lift that can control when they rise out of the ground.

Damage Happened! Now What?

Once your security fencing has been breached in any way, it is best to call us at Hercules High Security Fencing so we can come and repair the damage as quickly as possible. We understand how important a secure perimeter is, and damage should not be left untreated. If you want to implement a quick fix before we arrive, try renting a temporary fence to block the breach. It won’t provide complete security, but the added measure will help. You can also assign a security guard to monitor the breach until a solution has been put in place. Security guard booths especially increase security in these situations.

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With a seemingly endless amount of security booth providers out there, it can be difficult to discern the good from the bad.Hercules High Security has the experience and commitment to quality you need. We’ve been providing high-quality security solutions since 1955, and have no intention of stopping now. Request an estimate today with us to start on your security guard booth project.

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