What to do When Your Business is Broken Into

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Small businesses often think they don’t need security systems, but then they experience burglary first hand.

It can happen when you least expect it; a break-in always someone else’s problem until you walk in and find a broken window.  Small businesses often think they don’t need security systems, but then they experience burglary first hand.  If you find that you’ve been robbed, there are certain steps you should be taking to protect your business.  Not only from the damages of this break in, but also so you can prevent future issues.  Read on to figure out what you should be doing once your business is broken into.

The Scene of the Crime


If you approach your building in the morning and see a broken window, do not go inside.  The criminal could still be lurking inside, maybe even purposefully with intent to harm you.  Call the police immediately.  If you happen to enter without realizing, leave right away and do the same.  It’s important that you don’t disturb any part of the scene, as this is very important evidence.  


What to Gather


You’re going to need evidence if you want to catch the perpetrator.  You can ask the police to assist with this, and you can also compile your own evidence.  Take pictures and your own notes as to what is stolen, as the police don’t know the specifics of all your belongings.  Receipts are vital for more expensive objects, even if they are online receipts.  After you’ve gotten a good estimate of what’s missing, contact your insurance provider and let them know what’s happened.




Stay calm.  Break-ins, unfortunately, are all too common.  They don’t usually mean someone is out to get you, and usually just mean someone saw something they wanted.  Getting upset is only going to transfer to your employees, which is terrible for productivity and attendance.  Make sure you provide plenty of support for employees, and if someone was in the building when the crime occurred, don’t be afraid to give them a few days off.  A robbery can be a very traumatic event and recovery is important.  Most urgently, you should immediately update your security system.  This deters repeat robbers, but also wards off any other crime.


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